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  • What are the recommended teaching accessories?
    To deliver high-quality classes , we strongly recommend the following accessories: 1-A headset (such as Logitech H151or H150) 2- A webcam (such as Logitech C920 or Logitech C310) or a high-quality built-in camera A backup power supply and mobile hotspot in case you experience power outages or blackouts in your area. A backup device such as an iPad.
  • Do you offer free trial lessons and how ? 你哋讲吓嘢喇!免费试用课程咩?点讲吓嘢喇!?
    Yes, we do offer free trial lessons so that our prospective students can experience our professional tutoring services. Afterward, students will receive detailed and comprehensive feedback of their performance in the trial lesson as well as a general assessment of their English skills. To book a trial lesson, refer to the following link : 系呀,我哋真系讲吓嘢喇!免费试用课程嚟我哋嘅潜在学生能够体验我哋嘅专业辅导服务。之后,学生们将收到关於佢哋喺实验堂上表现嘅详细而全面嘅反馈,与及对佢哋英文散手嘅总体评估。 系唔系要预订试用课程,请参阅以下连结:
  • What types of courses do you offer? 你哋讲吓嘢喇!咩类型嘅课程呢?
    We offer all types of courses for all ages . To learn more about our courses ,please refer to the 'services section' 我哋为所有年龄段嘅人讲吓嘢喇!各种类型嘅课程。有关我哋课程嘅多啲信息,请参阅“服务地方”!
  • Do I have to purchase a curriculum separately? Are there extra charges? 我需要单独帮衬课程吗?有额外使用啊?
    Regular students can have access to any curriculum and they are free of charge. Each curriculum comes with Audio class CDs, student book , workbook and videos. Moreover, students receive daily, weekly ,monthly and comprehensive assessment of their performance ,progress and general English skills. In addition to regular quizzes and exams. 普通学校可以免费参加任何课程。每课程都配有音频上堂CD、学生用书、工作簿同影片。 此外,学生每日,每个、每月都会收到对其表现、进步同一般英文散手嘅综合评估。除咗常规嘅测验同考试。
  • Is there payment refund ? 有退款吗?
    Absolutely. Under certain circumstances, for instance, if students don't notice progress in their English skills after a certain period of time, they might opt for a refund. 当然。例如,喺某啲情况下,如果学生系一段时间后冇留意到英文散手嘅进步,佢哋可能会拣退款。
  • What plaform will be used to conduct classes?
    Our main platform is classin which consumes a significant amount of memory , therefore, it is of utmost importance to use at least corei5 computer when conducting classes otherwise you will inevitably have technical issues during class that will affect the overall learning and teaching experience.
  • Do you use other platforms to conduct classes?
    Due to the geographical limitations of Classin, meaning it is not accessible to all students, alternative platforms such as Zoom and Skype might be used.
  • Is it obligatory for teachers to create accounts on Zoom and Classin?
    No, our HR department will create unique username and password which you will be using to enter into the classroom ,whether on Zoom or Classin. We will keep posted.
  • What is the minimum internet speed requirement ?
    Since Classin is an extremely interactive platform, meaning its classroom features need a high-speed wired internet connection for it to function properly. You will be asked to attach a screenshot of your internet connection when you submit your application.
  • Can WiFi connection be used ?
    Yes, but as backup only. You should always use wired connection when you conduct classes otherwise teachers will incur penalties and possible termination. Please refer to the 'classroom conduct' section
  • How long do I have to wait for my interview result?
    It normally takes about 2 to 5 days for our HR department to thoroughly review your application process.
  • Are the training sessions paid?
    Unfortunately, the training sessions are not paid . Please bear in mind that the training sessions are beneficial to you on the long run , because if you are not quite familiar with our teaching methodologies , students are less likely to sign up for your courses again.
  • What will happen if I miss the training sessions?
    The training sessions are conducted by our veteran teachers, we will coordinate with them for possible rescheduling of the missed training sessions. However, repeated absences will automatically nullify your contract.
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