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Student Level:
Students are graded based on course level, placement test and audition performance. Our regular students may skip the proficiency test, but will be graded based on their performance in previous courses.

We provide daily and weekly feedback so that parents can plan their child's learning. We provide comprehensive feedback daily, weekly, and at the end of the study period.

Learning Progress:
This is a comprehensive assessment of each student's performance and progress, and students are assessed at the end of each month and semester based on the standards, "Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Developing Intellectual Skills". Students' academic performance is compared each semester and is fully documented and evaluated.

Individualized assignments:
If students have homework and homework/assignments that are specific to them, in areas where students may have difficulty, for example, making sentences, they will be given sentence making assignments to help them complete their sentence making assignments. If the student is a weak reader, they will be asked to choose their real-life reading story.

English test scores:
An exam given one month after the first exam of the semester, e.g. if a student is registered for an exam that begins on September 15, the exam will be given in October. b- Midterm exams. Usually held one month after the first exam. c- Final exams. At the end of each semester.

Lesson Recording:
All lessons are recorded and saved in the student's folder for registration purposes. It is said that recordings can be made if necessary, for example, if a segment of a lesson is repeated for improvement, the child can be recorded if it is convenient. His or her pronunciation, so we agree.

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