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1-  Application Form

We strongly recommend that applicants check out our teacher and technical requirements before submitting the form. 

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3- Second Demo

If applicants apply to teach children and adult students, then they will be required to conduct 2 separate demos ; the first demo will be conducted to showcase applicants' teaching skills when handling junior students, and the second demo to showcase their teaching skills when handling adult students . However , if applicants apply to teach children only, then you will be required to do only one demo.

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2- Interview and Demo

Once applicants successfully pass the screening process, our HR department will schedule an interview. Successful applicants will be sent detailed instructions to their registered email. The interview typically lasts for 30 minutes [ Introducing yourself, educational attainments, teaching experience followed by a 15-minute demo lesson. We will reply with our decision within 2-5 days.


4- Training

The training session is composed of the following:

1-An introduction and hands-on practice of Classin classroom features and functions.

2- Introduction to our teaching strategies and methodologies by which our teachers must follow and adhere to when conducting sessions.

3- Feedback format and submission. 

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5-Document Submission & Contract Signing

Once applicants  successfully complete the training session, they will be required to submit their bachelor's degree, teaching certificate , ID and background check.


6- Start Teaching

Congratulations and Welcome to OurTutor family. Our prospective teachers will be provided with a unique username and password. Enjoy teaching. 

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