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" Dear Arthur, the following is a comprehensive assessment of your performance in the current learning cycle’: Your speaking skills are constantly improving, you always incorporate new and sophisticated words in your sentences, furthermore, you can easily communicate your thoughts with complete, coherent, and grammatically correct sentences. What's more, you can easily talk about a wide range of topics with great ease. Your comprehension is outstanding, it was evident when you provide detailed answers to every question without hesitation. You have demonstrated excellent listening skills, it was evident when you provided accurate answers according to the information you heard in the lecture, moreover, you listened to the lecture actively [ you made predictions, asked questions and listened for answers to your questions] You have developed outstanding writing skills, it was evident when you wrote a balanced and well-structured essay, you began your essay with an introduction followed by a body paragraph and lastly conclusion. It was impressive how you managed to pronounce and read virtually all words in the texts correctly. What's more, you correctly applied the reading strategies you learned in the previous lessons such as 'preview and predict " 


” 親愛的亞瑟,以下是對你當前學習週期表現的綜合評估':你的口語能力在不斷提高,你總是在句子中加入新的和復雜的單詞,而且你可以輕鬆地完整、連貫地表達你的想法, 和語法正確的句子。更重要的是,你可以很輕鬆地談論廣泛的話題。你的理解力非常出色,當你毫不猶豫地詳細回答每個問題時就可以看出。你表現出了出色的聽力能力,它很明顯,你根據在講座中聽到的信息準確回答,而且你積極聽課[你做出預測,提出問題並聽取你的問題的答案]你的寫作能力非常出色,很明顯當你寫了一篇平衡且結構良好的文章時,你的文章開頭是介紹,然後是正文段落和最後的結論。令人印象深刻的是,您成功地正確發音和閱讀了課文中幾乎所有的單詞。更重要的是,您正確應用了在之前的課程中學到的閱讀策略,例如“預習和預測”

B- 需要改進的地方

You need to work on the following areas: You need to be extremely careful with your grammar, I have noticed that you make easily avoidable grammar mistakes for example, it is incorrect to say " He don't know____", you should say " He doesn't know", always remember that singular nouns or pronouns should always be followed by singular verbs and the same goes for plural nouns meaning plural subjects should always be followed by plural verbs. Furthermore, as I have stated in my previous feedback that you don’t have difficulty with forming coherent complete, and grammatically correct sentences, however, I could still notice that you sometimes confuse between adverbs and adjectives, as I have stated during the lesson today: adjective can only modify nouns while adverbs modify verbs, for example, it is incorrect to say “He was hesitantly”, you should say “He replied hesitantly” You seemed slightly confused about the reading strategy ' visualize ', bear in mind that 'visualize' can help you make pictures in your mind of what you read.   

 你需要在以下幾個方面努力:你需要非常小心你的語法,我注意到你犯了很容易避免的語法錯誤,例如,說“他不知道____”是不正確的,你應該說“他不知道”,永遠記住,單數名詞或代詞後應始終跟單數動詞,複數名詞也是如此,這意味著複數主語應始終後跟複數動詞。此外,正如我在之前的反饋中所說,您在形成連貫完整且語法正確的句子時沒有困難,但是,我仍然注意到您有時會混淆副詞和形容詞,正如我在今天的課程中所說的那樣: 形容詞只能修飾名詞,副詞修飾動詞,例如說“He was hesitantly”是不正確的,應該說“He was hesitantly”,你應該說“He replyed hesitantly”你似乎對閱讀策略'visualize'有點困惑,記住' visualize' 可以幫助您在腦海中想像所閱讀的內容。


To avoid repeating the same grammar mistakes, create as many sentences as possible using different verb tenses and make sure that the verb tense you use agrees with the subject. You need to practice using the reading strategies you learned in the previous lessons especially; visualize and make generalizations. Always look for sensory words that can help you make pictures in your mind. More importantly, you need to make it a habit to incorporate all the vocabularies you learned in the previous lessons in your answers, so that you can increase your vocabulary bank and improve your speaking skills. Your pronunciation is outstanding, however, you seemed to slightly struggle with pronouncing the following words properly ‘ fashion[ˈfæʃən] , triple [ˈtrɪpəl] . Keep up the good work, Arthur.

   為避免重複相同的語法錯誤,請使用不同的動詞時態盡可能多地創建句子,並確保您使用的動詞時態與主題一致。您需要特別練習使用您在之前課程中學到的閱讀策略;形象化並進行概括。始終尋找可以幫助您在腦海中形成畫面的感官詞彙。更重要的是,你需要養成習慣,將你在之前課程中學到的所有詞彙都包含在你的答案中,這樣你就可以增加你的詞彙庫,提高你的口語能力。你的發音很出色,然而,你似乎有點難以正確發音以下單詞‘fashion[ˈfæʃən] , triple [ˈtrɪpəl] 。繼續努力,亞瑟。

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