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Job Interview Preparation Course


About the Course 

1 - Preparing for Different Types of Job Interviews.
In this course, you will learn how to prepare for different types of job interviews and how to answer some of the most common questions that recruiters and hiring managers are most likely to ask. You will also learn best practices to follow before and after the interview, and be prepared to ask strategic interview questions to the hiring manager after the interview. Asking good strategic questions to the hiring manager will help you determine if the position you are applying for is a good fit for you and the hiring manager.

2 - Have expertise in English for interviewing and follow-up writing.
This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills you need for career development. If you already have a successful career and want to move on, want to change your career, are just starting out or re-entering the job market after a period of time away - if you think a job is more than just a paycheck, then this program will help you. The core curriculum includes preparing for a successful job search, including self-study and research on the job market and industry of interest; improving interviews by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for and taking steps to prepare for the tough questions that today's leading companies use for their skills; and preparing resumes, cover letters and supporting business documents. The final year will enable you to apply the skills you've learned in the program to your own job search.
The main benefit of the program is that you will have the opportunity to practice your interviewing skills with other job seekers from around the world. You will give them feedback, and they will give you feedback. In the process, you will gain new insight into what it takes to be a successful speaker and gain confidence in your English interviewing skills.

Your Instructor

Teacher David
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