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Intensive grammar course


About the Course 

1 - Start studying the grammar major.
This specialization is for those who wish to learn English grammar at an elementary level. Through the three courses in this concentration, you will begin your journey in English by learning the basic features of English grammar, such as word forms, verb tenses, and question-answer constructions.

Applied Learning Courses
In each course, students will use the grammar models they have learned to complete exercises and tests after each course. Students will complete activities that practice using English not only at the sentence level, but also at the phonological level.

2 Intermediate Grammar Specialization.
This specialization covers common intermediate grammar topics, such as tense and perfect adjectives. It will also cover "tricky" grammar topics that are often frustrating for English learners. The capstone course will give you the opportunity to review everything you have learned in the course and create a multimedia grammar scrapbook to track what happens after the specialization.

3 - Advanced grammar and punctuation specialization.
The Intermediate Grammar specialization includes more advanced grammatical concepts such as noun phrases and conditional sentences. You will also learn how to mix verb tenses effectively and how to use punctuation correctly. This specialization is useful for non-English speakers who want to improve their English fluency or for native speakers who want to improve their accuracy in using English in academic or professional settings.

Your Instructor

Teacher David/Teacher Monton/ Teacher Ryan
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