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Cambridge A2 Key Preparation Course (KET)


About the Course 

Course Structure.
Reading and Writing.
This course will prepare you for nine sections and 56 reading and writing questions. You will practice reading and comprehending simple written information such as signs, pamphlets, newspapers, and magazines.
You will gain sufficient knowledge of vocabulary and basic grammar rules to prepare you for successful completion of test tasks such as filling in missing words, matching sentences to the given text, choosing the correct word for each gap in the given text, and completing multiple-choice questions on the given text. 2. 2.
2. 2. Listening.
You will practice listening to oral material on a range of everyday topics in an informal, neutral setting and at a reasonable pace.
You will also practice listening to information about prices, quantities, times, dates, locations, directions, shapes, sizes, weather, and descriptions. After this, you will answer five multiple-choice questions.
You will listen to a recording of the monologue and write down information from the monologue to complete your notes. You will practice listening to longer conversations, hearing the key messages in the conversation, and then answering five multiple-choice questions
3 - Speaking.
This course will sharpen your conversational skills and prepare you to demonstrate them by answering and asking questions and talking freely about your strengths and weaknesses.
You will also practice general conversations about your personal information, such as talking about your daily life, studies, future plans, etc. You will also practice describing photos in detail

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