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Ages 6-10:
This test is designed to determine the English proficiency of children ages 6-10.
To place a student at the appropriate level, he or she must take the test. If a student successfully passes the placement test, he or she may schedule an audition session so that our teachers can properly assess his or her oral language skills. Please note that placement tests are not designed to assess a student's oral language skills.

Ages 11-16:
This test is designed to determine the English proficiency of youth ages 11-16. The test will determine a student's listening, comprehension, and writing skills, so students should schedule audition sessions to assess their oral language skills and place them at the appropriate level. In the long run, not taking the placement test will negatively impact a student's academic performance and progress, as program selection will be determined in part by the student's performance on the placement test.
The test is designed for adults and will help determine their level and select appropriate courses for the student. The test is not designed to test the student's knowledge in a specific language area, but rather to test the student's general language skills. Please indicate the type of course you are enrolled in so that we can determine if a placement test is required.

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