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Critical Thinking Skills
Students' reading skills will be carefully evaluated and documented in their daily, weekly, and monthly feedback to go beyond the information provided and understand the connections between ideas.

English Writing Skills
Students will be assessed on their ability to write well-structured, coherent, and balanced texts, as well as on grammar and word choice [putting words into their proper intended context].
Speaking Skills and Pronunciation
The student's ability to form coherent, grammatically correct, and complete sentences. Correct use of the words students learn throughout the semester. Most importantly, the student's ability to summarize passages in their own words will be carefully assessed.
English Listening Skills
The student's ability to actively listen. Most importantly, students will be evaluated on criteria such as "how well the student performed before, during, and after the listening session".
Students' knowledge and familiarity with different grammatical rules and their correct application of them in sentence structure. The student's ability to analyze and identify grammatical errors will be carefully assessed and documented.
Reading Skills and Comprehension
Students' comprehension of texts and key words and their application of various reading comprehension strategies, such as "monitoring and clarification," will be assessed and evaluated regularly.

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