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A-Warm-up Activities
Warm-up activities will be adapted to the student's learning needs, e.g., if the student is taking an exam preparation class, the warm-up activities will be based on exam-related questions.

B-Review of previous lessons
Students will do a general review of what they have learned in the previous lesson. The purpose of the review is to ensure that students fully understand what they have learned in the previous lesson. 

C - Homework Check
Our teachers will check students' homework. Our online English courses are supplemented with additional assignments to help you learn English effectively and efficiently.

D - Main/next lesson
Once our teachers have checked students' homework, they will introduce a new lesson. Our English school prides itself on organizing lessons to facilitate learning.
E-Course Summary
The teacher will summarize the main objectives of the lesson and check the student's understanding of the key vocabulary and concepts learned in class. In addition, teachers will assign new homework assignments to students.

F - New Assignment
Students will be given a short homework assignment designed to help them improve and practice the difficult points in each lesson. This homework is different from the homework students receive regularly at school.

Experience our effective and engaging class structure designed to maximize your learning experience in English courses. Our classes follow a structured framework that ensures comprehensive coverage of essential language skills and concepts.
The class structure begins with a dynamic warm-up session, which sets a positive and interactive tone for the lesson. Through engaging activities and icebreakers, students are encouraged to activate their language skills, build confidence, and create a supportive learning environment.
Next, we dedicate time to revise the previous lesson's content. This revision stage reinforces learning and helps students consolidate their understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and language usage. Reviewing previous concepts ensures a solid foundation and prepares students for the new material.
To promote continuous progress, we assign homework that reinforces the lesson's topics and allows for independent practice. Homework assignments provide valuable opportunities for students to further develop their language skills and apply what they have learned in a real-world context.
The core of the class is devoted to introducing new courses or focusing on specific language areas. Our experienced instructors employ various teaching techniques, interactive exercises, multimedia resources, and authentic materials to facilitate effective learning. Students engage in meaningful conversations, collaborative activities, and practical exercises to enhance their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
After the core lesson, we provide a comprehensive lesson summary. This recap ensures students have a clear understanding of the key concepts, language points, and learning objectives covered during the class. The summary serves as a reference point for students to review and reinforce their understanding.
In addition to the structured class components, we often include exciting new courses to broaden students' language proficiency and cater to their specific needs. These specialized courses may focus on areas such as business English, academic writing, or exam preparation. They provide students with tailored instruction and valuable skills to excel in specific contexts.
Experience our well-organized class structure and witness the transformative power of our English courses. Develop fluency, expand your vocabulary, refine your grammar, and enhance your overall language proficiency. Join our classes and unlock your potential in English communication.
Enroll today and embark on a structured language learning journey that empowers you to achieve your language goals.

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